Everyone Stood By The Side Of The Road

by Nobody, Ever

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Kristy Diaz
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Kristy Diaz Our lads, smashing it. Favorite track: On A July Sunday.
Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith Really promising ep from a great bunch of guys, I can't wait to hear more from these guys! Favorite track: Everyone, Always.
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released March 12, 2013

Made by Nick, Darren, Chaz, Jonny.
Recorded by Ow at Loud Noises Productions - loudnoisesproduction.co.uk
Artwork by John Pearson - johnjpearson.co.uk



all rights reserved


Nobody, Ever UK

Those guys you knew in school that were in a band but just don't know when to cut their losses and move on.

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Track Name: On A July Sunday
Just for the moment
Just like before
I'll leave the light on for when
You get home

I said that I'd be different
I swore that I would change
But you know I am a liar, baby
I'll just stay the same

Just in a second
It all went wrong
On a July Sunday
You were gone
Track Name: Snap To Zero Weather
Well I guess my heart is still a fucking mess
and I know that it takes time if we're honest
All the years wasted on hate, and I've been down for a while
Trying not to forget how your voice sounds

I will try and sleep tonight
But you still keep me up
And I've said it once before
So I lay with your cigarette light bouncing off my face
Can I stay here for a while?

Suddenly the leaves are falling off the trees
and it feels like summer went in a moment
Seven months all slipped away and I am counting down the days
Until I feel sun on my face again

For a while.
Track Name: Not So Good, Al
I can feel it scratching at my skin
Another night watching time
The sadness trying to get in
The ticking of the clock, the dust that's settling

I suppose that every body aught to know
I am sifting through the wreckage, to find a piece of home
And it brings me down to know that you're not around
And I suppose, you aught to know.

I feel you moving in your sleep
And I don't mind, I'll stay a while
I know you're scared when I'm not there
So close the bedroom door and lock up the stairs

When I lay on my death bed
Tell me that I'm wrong
Promise me I won't be left alone
Track Name: Everyone, Always
Then she said
The only thing she thought she's never say
Sat alone I'm bursting out my chest
And I can't shake this feeling in my head

And I guess that I've got nothing left in my heart

I can see it in your eyes
I don't believe in the other side
I can't help it, but you are gone
And nothing is alright
I feel it when she cries
I don't believe it myself sometimes
You are gone, and I am lost
And nothing will be fine

Once again
I find comfort in my oldest friends
Makes me wonder why I ever left
And I can't shake this feeling in my head

Planted a tree right outside of your house
But I don't think I'll come around to here
Because I know that you're not really there

I don't believe you're here
I don't believe in the other side
I don't believe we'll meet again some time.