This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates

by Nobody, Ever

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Mike Petruccelli
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Mike Petruccelli Heartfelt songs and personal perspective about life and shit. Great stuff. Favorite track: When Your Heart's Already Left.
Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith Absolutely incredible ep from Midlands indie/emo outfit...even better than their amazing ep from earlier in the year - get them both. Top blokes too. Favorite track: We Sang "So Long...".
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"This Wall Is Dedicated To Liam And His Mates is named after an infamous piece of local graffiti. An artless scrawling that adorns a wall near an expanse of grass that passes for a recreation park. It's a bunch of words, over-sized and taking up the entire wall, that miraculously have escaped the council's clean up crews for decades. I walked past those words holding my grandma's hand when I was too young to comprehend what they meant. I walked past them on the way to all of the schools and colleges I attended in the area. I've walked past them to visit family and friends and past girlfriends. To visit past lives. Time has changed almost everything about my life. It's changed all of the lives represented on this record. Those words are still there though. And now I walk past them with my daughter. She holds my hand as we do."
- Gavin Russell, Tight To The Nail


released July 22, 2013

Nobody, Ever is Nick Moreton, Darren Jilks, Chaz Barnes, Jonny Takhar.

Songs by Nick Moreton.
Music by Nobody, Ever.
Recorded at Loud Noises Productions by Owen Davies.
Produced by Nobody, Ever and Owen Davies.
Cover photography by Chaz Barnes.
Graffiti, presumably, by Liam.



all rights reserved


Nobody, Ever UK

Those guys you knew in school that were in a band but just don't know when to cut their losses and move on.

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Track Name: When Your Heart's Already Left
With every cross word
I fall deeper in to my self
And I struggle to look up

The other morning
I sat alone in a coffee shop
And I just stared out at the world

I know the things that I've done wrong
And I kinda hoped that you would understand
But I guess that this excuse is wearing thin...

Once in a while,
I'll say something that makes you love me less
And I'll wish I could take it back
So I will try,
To find a way to keep you in my life
When your heart's already left

Some nights I love you
Some nights I hurt to hear you cry
But I never sleep that well

I wish I could wake up
I wish I was better than I am
And I'd be everything you have
Track Name: Delete That
I noticed once
That I was not fun
I sat alone
Here with everyone
I could blame my friend
I could blame his death
But I've been fucked
For longer than that

We get so high
She gets so high
I get so high that I might even sleep tonight

Now you've gone away
I can't take the pain
So I light up
Each and every day

This cigarette
Falls on my chest
And burns a hole
Til there's nothing left

All the bad things that you've done
Fell away in the moment you were gone
All the times that we should have spent
I'll keep them with the words I should have said.

We get so high
That I can't hide
So when I drive
I'll leave my windows down tonight
So I get home alive
And you know I'm alright
Track Name: The Last Good Thing
The day that I heard that my dad died I thought that we were done
But the old man had one thing left to save

So I let go of the stupid shit that I was holding on
Because it never really mattered anyway

Now I feel my heart exploding

What are you calling for?
You know the chance has gone
I'm halfway out the door
And now you just want to talk
We could be anything
But I always let you down
We work it out somehow
Because you and I have the last good thing around

I get so sick of the stupid fights, where I was wrong and you were right
And I never really cared much anyway

The circles we go round get so tight that I can hardly breathe
And you mark the exits for escape
Track Name: Room 505
Well I know I'm not worth your time
You got stuck with me, well so did I
And I keep waiting for you to leave

And I know I'm not fun anymore
You know that ship sailed at 24
But you keep staying in with me

Now there's two lines in the dust where we laid

You said it all but I haven't said enough
And I don't feel like talking but you know there's something wrong
You can't help because I never helped myself
And there's no point in asking because you know I'll never tell

I feel like you're keeping me afloat
I'm struggling to breathe here on my own
But your oxygen is running low

I said I'm not sad any more
You know that I lied and now I'm worse
This isn't anything like before

Before we left I went to the bridge
Wasted hours that I spent thinking of this
Fade away in to open wounds
I keep them close like I know you do too
Track Name: We Sang "So Long..."
The summer never stays for long in the city
I spend my nights dreaming of home and Sketchley
And our glasses landing in the water
When we threw them like we were in the movies

Gav and I walked through the park at Three Pots
We talked about the summer nights that we sang "So Long.."
But where we drank is now homes for families
and he said "I guess these days that's where I would rather be"
and it was beautiful

I always think about the time we stayed up all night
And we did Hackett's paper round before it got light
And we've never been as tired as that time
But we went in to town and we bought 'Time of your life'

And I guess it's time well spent, mixing memories with drinks
and sometimes it's like stories never end
I did the right thing when I left, and I'd do it all again
But tonight it couldn't hurt us to pretend
And we could just sing "So Long" once again.